Richard Meaden

Proven Financial Solutions Principal Adviser and Aged Care Specialist


Helping people understand and optimise their own financial position has been the focus of my work for over 20 years. When people move forward with their investments with clarity and confidence, I know I’ve made a difference to their quality of life.

Trusted and knowledgeable financial adviser

At Proven Financial Solutions I help people achieve their financial goals — no matter how big or small — by giving them expert advice on:

  • Constructing an investment portfolio
  • Managing investments
  • Choosing the right insurance
  • Managing superannuation.

I’m with you for the long term. I’ll help you to monitor and adjust your strategy as your situation changes, to ensure you’re always on top of your finances.

Richard Meaden

Financial planning credentials

  • Bachelor of economics
  • Diploma of financial planning



Proven Financial Solutions Pty Ltd and Richard Meaden are Authorised Representatives (Auth Rep No 1258633/403554) of Clarity Financial Services Pty Ltd AFSL No. 276771

My approach to personalised financial advice

After working for large financial firms, I became tired of their generic ‘cookie cutter’ approach to managing clients and providing advice. I’m passionate about creating a more personal approach to assisting clients with their financial needs.

At Proven Financial Solutions, I view each client’s financial situation as unique, with each situation requiring its own unique approach. No matter how difficult a financial matter might be, there is always a solution that can be found with the right advice.

Proven Financial Solutions is about developing trusted relationships with clients, providing piece of mind and working towards achieving financial goals. It’s more than money, it’s about advocating for each client’s needs and achieving their goals.

By maintaining a network of industry professionals including lawyers, accountants and investment specialists, I can call on a range of expertise to bring you the best solution for your financial wellbeing.

I’m ready to work with you on your personalised financial growth strategy

I invite you to give me a call so we can work together to achieve your financial goals. I’m based in Camberwell, and I work with people around Australia. I can set up a video call to meet virtually face to face.

Richard Meaden's offices
“Richard Meaden has a very professional manner, he quickly ascertains your financial position and advises accordingly regarding the best financial solution for future aged care needs. Understanding the intricacies of aged care can be very complicated, but Richard’s practical, professional and respectful approach gave me full confidence in his ability to fulfil the goal of looking after my mum’s aged care financial needs. I would personally recommend Richard Meaden’s professional services when considering future aged care financial requirements, for peace of mind, confidence and expertise in the industry.”
Liliana Gallo

Accredited aged care financial adviser in Camberwell

I am accredited with the Aged Care Gurus, to provide specialised financial advice in the important and growing area of Aged Care

The aged care system is constantly evolving to account for the growing elderly population. Continued professional development is key to delivering best practice advice and strategies for meeting the current costs of aged care. I am committed to serving my clients with the most up to date advice.

Known for empowering clients to manage their finances

As a qualified aged care adviser, I’m often requested by facilities to make public presentations about the financial aspects of the aged care system.

Richard Meaden Aged Care Financial Planner
Richard Meaden Musician

What I’m doing when I’m not in the office

I love the work I do and the relationships I’m able to build with my clients, but anyone who knows me, knows that music is my real passion

When I’m not rocking a spreadsheet, I’m rehearsing or performing with a band I’m in at local venues and functions.


Getting started with a financial solution is easier than you think

Make a confidential appointment wtih me today by following the link to my calendar

RCL Meaden Family Trust and Richard Meaden are Authorised Representatives (Auth Rep No 1258633/403554) of Clarity Financial Services Pty Ltd AFSL No. 276771