Planning for your retirement?

Get investment advice for the lifestyle you want, from an experienced financial planner in Camberwell.

Planning for your retirement?

Get investment advice for the lifestyle you want, from an experienced financial planner in Camberwell.

Strategic Financial Advice & Aged Care Financial Planning

Richard Meaden

Experienced & Accredited Financial Adviser
Camberwell, Melbourne’s inner south-east and Mornington Peninsula

Are you worried about not having enough money to retire on?

You’re not alone.

This is something that many people worry about, but the good news is that no matter what your financial position is now, there are things you can do to give yourself the best possible chance of retiring comfortably.

Are you struggling to work out what aged care your parents can afford?

Understanding the fees can be overwhelming.

From multiple fees, to lump sum payments and all of those lengthy Centrelink forms, to identifying the right residential care option that suits your financial situation.

Call on my expert advice to take away the burden of understanding the fees and making sense of forms. We’ll work together to find the right financial solution for the care you need.

Can you afford not to use a financial planner?

Many people worry about the cost of using a financial advisor but, unless you’re an expert in this area, there are so many pitfalls that can be avoided by using someone experienced.

Engaging a financial advisor should be your first investment when planning for retirement. Get the right advice to:

  1. Develop an investment strategy to maximise financial growth,
  2. Create a unique plan to suit your lifestyle and help you achieve your financial goals,
  3. Learn what measures will protect your financial assets and estate,
  4. Guide you on how to counteract financial risk.
Proven Financial Solutions, Financial Planner Camberwell
“Richard’s financial advice and liaison role was invaluable to me by eradicating significant pressure when dealing with my Mother entering the facility. Richard provided sound well documented strategy with logical recommendations to ensure the best financial outcome for my Mother’s affairs. Without Richard’s guidance in relation to these matters and sound proposals I would not have achieved a sound outcome due to whole area of aged care finances been far more complex than I anticipated. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard to any prospective client who requires support in the aged care financial strategy.”
Phillip Jeeves

Proven Financial Solutions, aged care financial planners in Camberwell

A personalised assessment of your particular situation

Everyone’s circumstances are different. There’s no single approach to planning for your retirement. We’ll start by getting familiar with your current finances and expectations.

When you book in for a free, no obligation 1-hour appointment, you’ll receive:

  • Personalised attention
  • Thoughtful assessment of your situation
  • Clear next steps

Book in for your free 1-hour appointment now, as a first and important step towards achieving your financial goals.

Getting started with a financial solution is easier than you think

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