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Investment and wealth strategies to achieve your financial goals

Make informed decisions guided by an expert in strategic financial advice.

How do I plan for my financial future?

There’s no shortage of investment advice around. Well-meaning friends recommending this fund or that strategy, repeating investment advice which worked for them.

But what worked for them, might not be right for you.

Taking on a range of other people’s advice can leave you confused and stretching your precious savings too thin.

Speak to a knowledgeable strategic financial adviser who can get to know your individual financial position and make tailored recommendations to suit your needs.

With expert advice, you’re able to make informed decisions about a range of investment options and associated risks.

I can assist with:

  • Developing a cash flow strategy and budgeting.
  • Retirement and estate planning.
  • Superannuation and insurance advice.
Richard Meaden Financial Advisor Mornington Peninsula

Investing can be risky… but so is doing nothing about your finances

If you’re not following a wealth management strategy, you’re “leaving money on the table”. You could be leaving yourself short in retirement.

Confused about investing, diversifying and the technicalities of superannuation?

You might think investment is too risky, it’s easier to leave your money in one place.

You can reduce the risks by working with a strategic financial adviser and get expert investment advice when you need it.

Proven Financial Solutions provides trusted advice for you to:

  • Construct your investment portfolio and manage it for future growth;
  • Be confident with investing and accessing superannuation; and
  • Develop a financial growth strategy that suits your needs and circumstances.

Ethical investing brings more than financial returns

You want to know your money is doing good while it’s doing well.

You can select sustainable, socially and environmentally conscious companies for your investment portfolio.

Choosing to invest in socially responsible and sustainable interests has its own reward. Your decision to invest to grow your wealth can also contribute to positive social change.

I help you make the most of opportunities to achieve your financial goals in line with your values and lifestyle.


Financial Advisor Mornington Peninsula

When you work with me:

  • You’ll receive an individual financial assessment and customised strategy planning, to develop a wealth and investment plan that is right for you.
  • You’ll benefit from ongoing financial review and advice as the financial market and your individual circumstances change.

Getting started with a financial solution is easier than you think

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